Internet porn and society

Posted on 01 June 2008

At one point 70 percent of the internet was nothing but porn websites and many legal battles have been decided by the Supreme Court as a result of internet porn and most have gone in favor of the porn industry which I thank god for but even today countries like China try to censor internet porn because they see it as harmful to society, which like everyone else in the civilized World I disagree with.

My question to you is have you ever visited a pornographic website? And if so do you think it harmed you in any way physically emotionally or spiritually? And of no do you think it has made you a better person for not seeing pornographic material online?

1 Response to Internet porn and society

  • John Hooper says:

    I think pornography is wonderful. It helps us to appreciate the female form and engage in a great experience. The porn is excellent, and I love the women who enjoy all types of sex. Its a powerful thing, and anal sex is something that is encouraged, which is wonderful also. Beautiful girls getting big penis’s in every orifice is special.

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