Snow is a Four Letter Word

Posted on 20 December 2017

The first snow fall of the year is predicted, so of course everyone is at the grocery store in line ahead of me buying all the milk and bread.  One has to wonder, what do people do with all the milk and bread they buy ahead of a snow storm?

I would like to think they make a wonderful French toast breakfast for the family or their loved one and then get cozy while watching a movie.  Snow storms are a wonderful time to slow down from the normal fast paced lives we find ourselves living every day. Everyone deserves a nice break once in awhile, and unless you are working in essential services, like firemen, police, utility workers, etc., you should be able to miss a day or two of school or work and stay off the roads for safety’s sake.

I like to go out walking in the evening after a snow storm.  It’s so quiet and there isn’t all the usual traffic noises. Unless you have a crust of ice on top of the snow you can see the footprints of the little animals and bird tracks across the yard or along the street.  I do hope everyone will stay off the streets and be safe and warm at home tonight. This is Mother Nature’s way of giving most of us a break.

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