Eating Healthy

Posted on 17 October 2015

It can be so hard to maintain healthy eating habits as there are so many enticements and having a busy schedule doesn’t help. I try to keep protein bars and such on hand when I am out running errands or in my desk at work to help stave off those impulse munchies, but it doesn’t always work. Most of those bars taste like crap and you have to eat two or three of them to get any real benefit out of them. I still end up hungry fifteen minutes later if I only eat one of them so they are kind of pointless.

There is also those nights when I have had a rough day and the idea of cooking anything is just impossible to even think about. Ordering pizza or hitting a fast food restaurant on the way home is too easy and I am guilty of this more often than I like to admit. I don’t feel as guilty when I order Chinese food though because I make sure to order something with a LOT of veggies. Chinese food is healthy right? If not I am going to pretend it is because that is one food I cannot give up for any reason.

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