Sex Toys as a Christmas Gift?

Posted on 14 December 2016

Have you wondered if your girl would like to receive a sex toy as a Christmas gift? Well, that depends on a lot of things, but in own case, the answer would be, Hell Yeah!

But here is the thing. If you have never used sex toys together, it might not be a good idea to spring this on her at Christmas. You should introduce sex toys after dropping a couple of hints or having an honest, open discussion with her to gauge her level of interest. If she wants to give them a try, go for it! Just not at Christmas, OK?!?!

If you just can’t think of anything nice that she will like, go for jewelry. Buy her a nice pair of earrings. Diamond studs or a pearl necklace are classics and almost always appreciated. MAYBE a nice watch – but be careful, because some women are really picky about their watch, and some don’t like to wear them at all. So pay attention to the little things she mentions while you are out shopping together. Consider what other jewelry she has and wears – or if she doesn’t like to wear it. And keep the receipt, because if she doesn’t like what you bought her, offer to take it back and have her pick out something more to her taste. Don’t be offended – gift giving is part of getting to know each other, and the point of gifting is to make her happy. So if you have to exchange it, at least she will be happy!

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