Interacial marriages were illeagal

Posted on 02 February 2008

During the 1950s is was illegal in most States of America to be married to someone outside your race or what is known as interracial marriages. Which when I first heard about it I was shocked and blown away that there was such a law on the books.  Some of the things that got me thinking about this subject was seeing a documentary on VH1 in which they talked about how sexuality has become more open then before. And this is just one example of how the psyche of the average American was back in the day.

My question to you is this would you ever consider getting married to someone not the same color as you? And if yes or no then why? Thanks to all those who answer this question!!

2 responses to Interacial marriages were illeagal

  • Anna says:

    I married a man not of my race nearly 13 years ago. When I look at people I’m color blind. I understand that people may not agree with my choice of life partner, but I am not married to them. I found out that in the state I live in (Georgia), there is still an obscure and never enforced law on the books stating it is illegal to marry outside your race. Thankfully we were married in Florida!

  • A.J. says:

    Years ago I fell in love with and very much tried to marry someone that was not of my race, I was then amazed to find out how extremely bigotted hey very “Liberal” Italian-American family was. I had never in my life seen such latent racism come to surface so vociferously. I learned that even in an extremely liberal area like suburban Washington DC, to almost all people the color of ones skin does still matter, especially if their white daughter is about to marry a black guy.

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