Old Rock and Roll Songs

Posted on 04 November 2013

Today is the first day that the switch back to standard time from daylight saving time has really caught up with me. It seems that Sunday was nice, I was able to sleep late and take advantage of that extra hour. I spent the day doing yard work and laundry. I enjoyed being outside so much, even though I needed a jacket and the mold on the leaves that are falling drive my allergies completely nuts.

I made a nice chili in the crock pot and just pampered myself. Went to bed at then normal time and ended up waking up before the alarm clock this morning. That’s what started my whole day off on a bad foot. I hate waking up before the alarm clock – it’s just not natural!

All day long I have felt off schedule. I was not hungry for breakfast, so I just had a cup of coffee and a banana nut muffin that was left over from Saturday’s baking session. Of course, that means that I got hungry way before lunch. By 10:00 am my stomach was growling and I had to just stay hungry for 2 hours before I could get away for lunch.

Driving home, it was dark before I got in the car. I hate driving home from work in the dark. It makes me feel like I worked too late or on overtime, but I didn’t. The sun just goes down before 5:00 pm and the only thing I could do to cheer up was to find the Classic Rock radio station and listen to some old rock and roll songs for the 45 minute drive home.

After I got home, I decided to keep listening to the old rock and roll on the kitchen radio while I cooked dinner. There are a lot of the classic rock songs that have special meanings to me, so it has been a trip down memory lane for me this evening. Some good memories – a few bad ones. And a song for each of those moments that brings those memories back.

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