WTF is up with People Doing Crazy Shit?

Posted on 18 July 2013

Is it a full moon or are people just losing their fucking minds no matter what the moon looks like? The news is full of stories about people doing the most bizarre crimes. People being kidnapped, people stealing shit and I just heard on TV about some dumbass who tried to pawn a live missile. He would not tell the clerk how he got the missile and he said he had no idea if it was live or not. Of course, the clerk freaked out and called the police.

The protests in California have been going on all week, and only the ones in L.A. and Oakland turned into people breaking out store windows, bashing cars, etc. I don’t see why those people think that destroying the property of people accomplishes anything good. If you want to make a change, peaceful protests are fine. Riots are not.

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