Christmas Traditions Evolving Over the Years

Posted on 24 December 2012

All my shopping is finished, so I don’t have to worry about buying any more gifts for this Christmas. But we are trying to merge two families into one since my mother just remarried, so our Christmas traditions are evolving. My mom likes a real tree, she likes the family to come to her house on Christmas day, and she likes to have a bug turkey dinner with all the traditional side dishes.

But evidently my new step father – that does sound weird, doesn’t it? someone my age with a new step father? – has totally different things in mind. He does not like a real tree – he says the fire risk is too great and he does not like the way the needles drop off the tree and get stuck in the berber carpet, so he wants a big fake tree with lights already strung on it. He wants to have family over on Christmas Eve and also on Christmas Day, and thinks we should alternate days depending upon which side of the family we are on. And he does not like turkey dinners – he wants ham.

This will be interesting because the family is large and with everyone married we have to accommodate in-laws and extended family members, not just my mother and whatever plans they come up with. It doesn’t matter too much to me – I’m still flexible, but I think that other family members who have small children should make their kids a priority in their Christmas plans.

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