Sad there is not more sexual topics during the debates.

Posted on 19 October 2012

I have watched all the Presidential debates so far this year some on television other live via Yahoo and I plan on watching the last one coming soon and its sad to me that there are not more sexual topics being discussed on the debates. After all, there are plenty of sex laws on the books and possibly more to be listed as time goes on so why no discussions on these issues. Not once was gay marriage even brought up. Not once were any sexual topics discussed other than abortion and contraception which were mildly talked about by both vice Presidential candidates.

In the year 2012 we should not be talking about issues that were solved decades ago like Roe v. Wade or ability for women to have the same access to birth control and contraception that men have or equal pay for women, as these should be givens by now! Instead we should be talking about the issues that are here today and will be here in the future and finding out where there stances are on them. Sex and politics should never be taboo or shied away from and I hope in this last debate more topics of a sexual nature will be brought up, it may make them blush but questions need to be asked.

1 Response to Sad there is not more sexual topics during the debates.

  • Daniel says:

    I for one would like to know how the candidates stand on a lot of sexual issues like Polygamy or gays serving in the military.

    I for one would like to know do either candidates support tougher child custody and support laws? And feel much like you do Karen that the right questions are not being asked and we are getting answers from a decade ago.

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