Best sex Pintrest style site on the web!

Posted on 18 October 2012

Finally there is now a adult themed Pintrest style site on the web as one has been needed ever since Pintrest put up its terms of service forbidding adult content. Since mostly adults use Pintrest because a Facebook account is needed to create one and adults mostly make up Facebook it was only a matter of time before a alternative site was made. I was very impressed with ease of use to pin things to sex pictures part of Sex Chat Inc and which the way is displays the images. Of course there is a lot more to Sex Chat Inc than just its Pintrest section, such as its sex tube and social sex sections both i use regularly my profile is here, as they have built there website for the 99% of web users like me that do not want to pay for sexual content but rather get it for free as they offer everything free from chat rooms, forums, blogs, groups, cam2cam, etc etc.. As well have paid services for those looking to spend some loot but there is no need to ever do so at this site, trust me!

The second greatest thing I love about Sex Chat Inc is that they have an ad free format, so ads are not popping up everywhere or getting in the way of the content I am using on there site which is just so fucking awesome, as we all know what its like to go to some sex sites and be bombarded with advertisements and pop ups. And when you try to close the page or leave the website more ads pop up which drives me crazy but not on Sex Chat Inc as they keep it very user friendly.

1 Response to Best sex Pintrest style site on the web!

  • Thomas says:

    Thanks for the heads up Karen I have been looking for such a Pintrest site for a long time as I have much adult content i want to upload but always worry about it getting taken down because its adult themed. its not hardcore or anything but rather to risky for Facebook or Pintrest.

    The fact they offer so much more than just sex pictures section makes it that more of a great site in my opinion and I will no doubt be spending a lot of time there now I no about it!

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