Cops Closed Down the Same Club Again

Posted on 10 October 2012

There’s a club about 5 miles from my house that is always packed on friday and Saturday nights. The problem is that lately the customers have been packing, too. There have been so many shootings and fights in the parking lot that the neighbors have raised holy hell with the cops and now they have closed it down. The cops showed up with a SWAT truck and big silver chains with a padlock, kicked everyone out and started giving them DUI tests right in the parking lot, and then they even climbed up on the huge pylon sign and put the black letters on there that say “Closed by Court Order.”

They did this same thing just a bout a year ago when it was open by a different name and was a country music hangout. After that owner left town, some other sleazeball took it over and opened it as a hip hop joint. Like THAT was going to solve the problem of shootings and fights. Duh!

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