Don’t Accuse Me If You Don’t Know Me

Posted on 05 October 2012

One of my Facebook friends got a big discussion going about bias and bigotry and racism. Now, I am very open minded open most racial things and have studied it in college sociology classes and I think I know pretty much what I’m talking about.

The funny thing about racism is that no one want to admit it. They all are in denial or have rationalization for saying the crap that they say. But when you call them out on a lot of their stupid remarks, it turns out that what they were saying actually is racist or biased and if they have a hair on their ass they will eventually admit it. Sometimes it really takes a person who calls them out on what they say to make them realize just how stupid they sound to something who is not biased.

So during this Facebook convo, I got called out by some jerk for being a racist. I was totally flipped out! The last thing anyone should call me is racist. But he is the kind of person who cannot actually engage in a healthy debate. He only has arguments and he resorts to name calling and lies just so he can feel like he has won the argument.

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