No More Blind Dates – PLEASE!

Posted on 20 September 2012

Why do my friends insist on making arrangements with their other friends to take me out on a blind date? I do not need help getting dates, people! Most of the blind dates are close to disasters, and I am sick of having to suffer through an entire night with someone I don’t like just because of some stupid sense of loyalty to my friends who arranged the blind date!

This last one was a real trip. He was much shorter than me – which is a huge Strike 1. Short men do not get along well with me and I like being tall and I like wearing high heels. so short men always feel out of place around me. Then, he doesn’t dress nice. Not that I am a big snob about wearing fancy clothes, but on a first date the least a guy can do is put on a shirt with a collar and a pair of khaki pants. I am not impressed with a tee-shirt and dirty jeans.

Then, he said he wanted to go to the movies, but he didn’t have any interest in going to any of the movies that I suggested. I was getting really annoyed about that. If you ask me what movie do I want to see, just say OK and go to the fucking movie with me. If I have a nice time, I will treat you well and be appreciate. But don’t expect me to sit though a movie that I don’t want to see if this is our first date and you asked me to pick the movie. Damn!

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