Chatting Up the Guy at the Grocery Store

Posted on 11 September 2012

So I went to the little Food Lion store that is near my house to pick up just a few things. I made the mistake of going right after work, when they are they busiest. In fact, this store is only busy on weeknights right after work. The place is pretty much deserted on Saturdays and Sundays. I think all the people like to dash in for just a few things for dinner or for a few things that they run out of during the week. But they probably mostly do the bulk of their shopping at Kroger or Publix on the weekends.

So, I’m in this long line with only a few things to get, and so is everyone else. And the guy behind starts talking about the groceries that are in my basket. You know, being critical of why did I buy that brand when there was another brand on sale for less money?

Well, he looked like a nice guy and maybe he thought he was just being friendly and trying to save me some money. But the truth is that I like certain brands and I don’t care how much the brand costs – I’m not going to take a lesser quality brand just to save a few pennies. So, I tried to not be rude, but I stopped being polite about it after a while and just wanted to get the hell out of there.

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