Party Weekend

Posted on 09 March 2012

This year we have Saint Patrick’s Day on a weekend, so we have the perfect excuse to party our asses off for three or even four nights at the bars and private parties at people’s houses.

We are getting the party started on Thursday night at my favorite cheater’s bar. You know, the bar where the married men like to go because there are plenty of tramps hanging out there to flirt with. The guys know they have a better chance of getting laid and not getting caught by the little wife if they catch a ride to the cheaters bar.

Then Friday night we are going downtown to see who has the best party – just walk the strip and pop in to wherever there is noise. Probably do that on Saturday night, too. I’m not sure which bar we’ll end up at, but they are all throwing green beer nights and pinching parties and all.

Sunday night my favorite bartender has taken the night off and is throwing a big bash at his condo. We were invited, of course! I can’t wait to see his place and and hang with his real friends. We are going to have some serious drinking going on this weekend, bitches!

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