Stupid Bitch

Posted on 03 March 2012

So, some of my girlfriends and I like to call the local chat lines and fool around when we are bored. I call about 3 or 4 times on a weekend if I am sitting my bored ass at home. It’s a nice way to think up and maybe even live out some fantasies and keep the creative juices flowing.

Well, one of my girlfriends has been getting serious about a guy she met on a chat line. She has actually met him a couple of times and gone to the movies and diner and all that happy horseshit. And she told him that she doesn’t think he needs to be calling the chat line anymore since he’s met her and all. But she still suspected that he’s calling in.

So, I don’t know why the hell I agreed, but she asked me to check the chat and see if he was on there. She didn’t want to go in there herself because then she says she would be as guilty as he for going in there at all. So, I went on last night and sure enough he was there. And I talked to him a bit just to make sure. And yes he wanted to take me out sometime. I don’t even like that guy but thought I was doing my part to seal the deal on the trap my girlfriend wanted.

I called her and told her what’s up and she got mad at ME! She called me a whore for trying to steal “her man” and hung up on me. What a crazy stupid BITCH!

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