Bachelorette party

Posted on 23 January 2012

My friend Barbara is getting married. It’s time for a bachelorette party extravaganza. This is going to be fucking great. The group of ladies who will be present are almost all my friends and I have known them forever. Only one or two are going to be there that I don’t know. That’s a good thing when people are going to be drinking a lot. So ideas for the party are; the obligatory male stripper, a gambling junket, weekend trip somewhere interesting like the Jack Daniels plant.

I think a gambling river boat trip for the weekend would be awesome. We could make sure there is a male stripper for the trip or obtainable on the trip and then party it up. I know whatever we do is going to be fucking amazing and Deborah is going  flash her tits to everyone. She always does when she gets drunk. That is part of her charm though, even if it has gotten us thrown out of more bars then I can count. I think I will make sure about the stripper because I want to know ahead of time and also want them to send me picks of guys to choose from. I don’t want some skinny dude that is not appealing.


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