Buy only green sex toys from now on

Posted on 06 September 2008

When it comes to buying sex toys do you ever consider whether or not the toy is environmentally friendly or even if it is skin friendly? Having a bio degradable vibrator may not seem as important as having a car the runs off some form of green energy but it should be believe it or not. Many sex toys are made out of toxic chemicals that poison the environment when made or even are known to cause bad things to happen in lab animals when exposed to them long term, imagine having something growing on your privates because you used a toy, sound important to you now?!

Because of stuff like this and more we should all be reading the back of the boxes of all our sex toys and making sure to not buy toys made out of or with non toxic material and write our favorite manufacturers and tell them to make products that are green and do your part to help the World. Never seen one yet but a solar powered vibrator would be a huge hit if ever made!

2 responses to Buy only green sex toys from now on

  • James says:

    A solar powered vibrator would be a big hit with this eco friendly society we are now in!

  • Daisy Jackson says:

    hopefully, we would be shifting more and more towards green energy in the future.-:”

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