Sex Toys as a Christmas Gift?

Posted on 14 December 2016 | Comments Off on Sex Toys as a Christmas Gift?

Have you wondered if your girl would like to receive a sex toy as a Christmas gift? Well, that depends on a lot of things, but in own case, the answer would be, Hell Yeah!

But here is the thing. If you have never used sex toys together, it might not be a good idea to spring this on her at Christmas. You should introduce sex toys after dropping a couple of hints or having an honest, open discussion with her to gauge her level of interest. If she wants to give them a try, go for it! Just not at Christmas, OK?!?!

If you just can’t think of anything nice that she will like, go for jewelry. Buy her a nice pair of earrings. Diamond studs or a pearl necklace are classics and almost always appreciated. MAYBE a nice watch – but be careful, because some women are really picky about their watch, and some don’t like to wear them at all. So pay attention to the little things she mentions while you are out shopping together. Consider what other jewelry she has and wears – or if she doesn’t like to wear it. And keep the receipt, because if she doesn’t like what you bought her, offer to take it back and have her pick out something more to her taste. Don’t be offended – gift giving is part of getting to know each other, and the point of gifting is to make her happy. So if you have to exchange it, at least she will be happy!

Long Hair or Short Hair?

Posted on 19 June 2016 | Comments Off on Long Hair or Short Hair?

They say that when a woman makes up her mind to get a very different hair cut, that she is experiencing a major lifestyle change or wants to make a major change. One of the best examples of that is watching a woman go through pregnancy and childbirth and then the first couple of months with a newborn. I don’t know what the actual statistics are, nor who would be officially keeping track of such a thing, but I am willing to bet you that 80% – maybe more! of women get their hair cut short during this time.

Part of it is because short hair needs less care and attention, so it is easy to give up the long hair and its time consuming routine in exchange for needing to spend that time with the baby.

But here is another reason that I think she does it, and nobody seems to talk about it. Most women are less interested in sex during the last trimester and for several months after childbirth. And since a lot of men associate long hair with sexual attractiveness, cutting off her hair is a very loud signal that the women does not want to be considered sexually attractive. Then after her hormones change back to near normal and her life settles into a new routine, her interest in sex may slowly return and she may well regret the short hair style and decide to let it grow long again.

Old Rock and Roll Songs

Posted on 4 November 2013 | Comments Off on Old Rock and Roll Songs

Today is the first day that the switch back to standard time from daylight saving time has really caught up with me. It seems that Sunday was nice, I was able to sleep late and take advantage of that extra hour. I spent the day doing yard work and laundry. I enjoyed being outside so much, even though I needed a jacket and the mold on the leaves that are falling drive my allergies completely nuts.

I made a nice chili in the crock pot and just pampered myself. Went to bed at then normal time and ended up waking up before the alarm clock this morning. That’s what started my whole day off on a bad foot. I hate waking up before the alarm clock – it’s just not natural!

All day long I have felt off schedule. I was not hungry for breakfast, so I just had a cup of coffee and a banana nut muffin that was left over from Saturday’s baking session. Of course, that means that I got hungry way before lunch. By 10:00 am my stomach was growling and I had to just stay hungry for 2 hours before I could get away for lunch.

Driving home, it was dark before I got in the car. I hate driving home from work in the dark. It makes me feel like I worked too late or on overtime, but I didn’t. The sun just goes down before 5:00 pm and the only thing I could do to cheer up was to find the Classic Rock radio station and listen to some old rock and roll songs for the 45 minute drive home.

After I got home, I decided to keep listening to the old rock and roll on the kitchen radio while I cooked dinner. There are a lot of the classic rock songs that have special meanings to me, so it has been a trip down memory lane for me this evening. Some good memories – a few bad ones. And a song for each of those moments that brings those memories back.

Most Boring TV Season Ever

Posted on 23 October 2013 | Comments Off on Most Boring TV Season Ever

If you know me then you know how much I love to watch TV. I have a TV turned on in my house pretty much every minute of the day. Not only is the TV on when I am up and about, doing whatever, but I leave the TV on all night long, too. At night we sometimes have tornadoes coming through this area. If you leave the TV on while sleeping then you can hear the tornado warning, wake up and take cover. I really don’t want to die while sleeping through a tornado, when all I have to do is scramble into the bathroom and take cover in the bathtub.

Anyway, there is not shit to watch on TV this season. Right now is when all the good shows, the news fall season shows are in full swing. The bad ones have already been cancelled and the good ones are spread out through the week so that there is always something good to watch if you have the time to sit down and relax for an hour before bed.

There is really only one show that I make a point of watching – it’s called Sons of Anarchy and it comes on Tuesday nights. The rest of the week just sucks as far as interesting TV shows. Not even HBO is running any decent movies right now. WTF is up with that?

WTF is up with People Doing Crazy Shit?

Posted on 18 July 2013 | Comments Off on WTF is up with People Doing Crazy Shit?

Is it a full moon or are people just losing their fucking minds no matter what the moon looks like? The news is full of stories about people doing the most bizarre crimes. People being kidnapped, people stealing shit and I just heard on TV about some dumbass who tried to pawn a live missile. He would not tell the clerk how he got the missile and he said he had no idea if it was live or not. Of course, the clerk freaked out and called the police.

The protests in California have been going on all week, and only the ones in L.A. and Oakland turned into people breaking out store windows, bashing cars, etc. I don’t see why those people think that destroying the property of people accomplishes anything good. If you want to make a change, peaceful protests are fine. Riots are not.

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